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Are you interested in Graphic Design? And looking to further your education? We're excited to offer one lucky person the opportunity at a scholarship worth $1000 towards the Graphics Communications Program at South Central College in North Mankato, MN for the Fall of 2020.

Download the contest rules and template below to get started. 

Contest runs through March 31, 2020.

Thanks to our great partners:

South Central College, Minnesota State Southern Agricultural Center of Excellence, BStark, Avery Dennison

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• Contest runs from Jan. 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020


•  Winner will be announced April 15, 2020


• Must use approved logo for South Central Ag Center and South Central College. These logos should not be changed or altered in any way. (SCC logo and Ag Center logos will be provided with the template)


• Must use contest partner logos and place them in the required areas (these logos will also be provided with the template and will be placed in the required area. These should not be moved or altered in any way)


• Entries must provide all original workable art files including layers or vector art


•  Contest open to any individuals planning to attend the South Central College Graphic Communications Program in Fall of 2020 that is NOT currently enrolled in the program


• Winning design is subject to having adjustments made at the discretion of South Central College, the Ag Center and/or

Horejsi Graphics


• Wrap designs should not include any photos of people or equipment that could potentially make the design feel dated in the future


• Design should incorporate the 8 career pathways that the Ag Center focuses on with the rest of their messaging

            - Plant Systems

            - Environmental Systems

            - Biotechnology

            - Power, Structural and Technical Systems

            - Natural Resources Systems

            - Agribusiness System

            - Animal Systems

            - Food Products and Processing Systems


• Entries will receive a confirmation email that their artwork was received


• Please include your full name, age, town you live in and school you attend when submitting your design


Questions? Please contact Randy at Horejsi Graphics at:



The 2020 Scholarship Design Contest will be graded in the following categories. Designs will be awarded points in individual categories by each judge for a maximum possible score of 100 points total. The design with the highest total point value will be declared the winner of the $1000 Scholarship to the South Central College Graphic Communications Program in North Mankato, MN.


Theme (Max 40 points)

This project is being done for the South Central College Ag Center. Wrap designs should clearly represent South Central College and the Ag Center and their mission and main points of focus. For references, visit the Ag Center Website - or view the attached brochure file for ideas or inspiration.


        Judges will look for - Designs that clearly display the main points of focus for the South Central College Ag Center. Quality            designs will appropriately and accurately deliver the message without being difficult too read and/or follow along with.

• Creativity (Max 20 points)

Of course, there are many rules to a great design. Sometimes rules are made to be broken and breaking them can lead to greatness. It’s risky, but when it works, it can look really amazing!

        Judges will look for - Something we have not seen before. New ideas that grab attention or classic ideas with a fresh twist.            It’s up to you. Have fun!

• Contrast (Max 10 points)

Text and information must be visible, aesthetically pleasing and contrasting to the surrounding design

        Judges will look for - Clear and concise lines that flow with the overall design, color combinations that compliment each                other and the design from one end to the other.

• Consistency (Max 10 points)

Good design is about consistency in spacing, themes, colors and graphic shapes.


        Judges will look for - Consistency in the flow of graphic, shapes, text color and graphic styles. 

• Alignment (Max 10 points)

How the design elements are aligned on the trailer is as important as the design itself.

        Judges will look for - Consistent alignment on all four sides for each element of the design and information.


• Proximity (Max 10 points) It is critical not to use too much information on a commercial wrap design but still enough to convey the desired message. Consistent spacing between the important elements on a vehicle wrap design is one of the keys to creating a consistent flow in design.


         Judges will look for - Each element’s (graphics and text) ability to stand well on its own and have breathing space between               itself and the next element on the wrap design. Consistent spacing makes the information easy to read and understand. 

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